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Comprehensive Dental Care in New York

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Every member of your family is unique, and they deserve personalized dental care that addresses their oral health needs. Trying to figure out how to take care of all of your family’s dental needs can be challenging, especially when you have people of varying ages in your group. Fortunately, our dentist in New York makes life easier by providing a full range of comprehensive dental services that keep all of your pearly whites healthy.

Our personalized approach at PDA Dental is well-known throughout the communities we serve for treating every patient like an individual who has unique needs. No two smiles are the same, and you don’t have to compromise on anyone’s care when you prefer to visit the same dental clinic. Whether you’re coming to our office for a child’s first dental checkup or are seeking help with addressing an emergency dental issue, we’ll provide you with the same level of quality care every time. We even find that our ability to provide personalized services gets better with each visit to our office since we’ll get to know each member of your family along with their concerns and preferences for dental care.

Make Dental Appointments Convenient

For many families, trying to get each person in for an appointment can be challenging. Time and distance should never be a barrier to your family receiving quality dental care, which is why PDA Dental provides appointments for people of all ages. We love working with people ranging from squirmy children to aging adults with newly changing oral health needs.

Our dentist knows how to keep everyone comfortable in the exam room chair, and we’ll take the time to create a personalized treatment plan that makes it easier to squeeze dental exams and cleanings into your family’s busy schedule. When scheduling appointments is a breeze, your whole family will benefit from having a stress-free experience with going to the dentist.

Find Reliable Preventive Care

Routine dental exams and cleanings can prevent many problems from developing in your mouth. Cavities can often be halted in their tracks by doing a simple filling that prevents them from advancing to severe decay that requires a root canal or crown. Dental cleanings starting early in life and continuing into the senior years also help to prevent gum disease from taking hold.

Our team prefers to prevent problems whenever it’s possible, and one of the ways we do so is by focusing on patient education. We take the time to explain why we’re doing a procedure, and we can also give you pointers on maintaining your oral hygiene at home. Fillings, dental cleanings, and gum disease treatment are just a few of the preventative services that we provide at our family dental office.

Discover a Source for Specialized Care

Most of your family’s dental needs will fall into the category of general dentistry, but there are times when you might need to work with a specialist. Our family dentist in New York understands how important it is to have competent hands working on our patient’s teeth, which is why they’ve created a network of support specialists that they can turn to when someone needs specialized care. Although your family dentist might be able to help you with getting a mouthguard for sports, you may need a referral to an orthodontist to help straighten your teen’s teeth. Or, it might just be time for you to have oral surgery for dental implants.

In both of these types of situations, our family dentist can connect you to someone who offers specialized care. With your agreement, our family dentist can also share your current oral health history and communicate about your progress with the specialized service to ensure that you have continuity in your care every step of the way.

Improve Your Outcomes With the Latest Technology

Technological advances have transformed how we do many common dental procedures, but not every dental clinic has invested in state-of-the-art equipment. At PDA Dental, using the latest technology is one of our highest priorities. From digital X-rays to special sedation equipment and techniques, our dentist has invested in making sure that you have access to all of the wonderful things that advancements in the field of dentistry have to offer.

When you need a family-friendly dentist that offers comprehensive care for everyone in your family, you don’t have to look far. Our family dentist at PDA Dental in New York is committed to providing personalized treatment plans that include providing you with access to a network of specialists that can all give you and your loved ones the highest level of dental care. You can complete your search for the perfect dentist today by giving our office a call to schedule your family’s first appointments. We look forward to welcoming your family to our office with cheerful smiles!

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