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Itero Technology with Dr. Ritholtz

Learn more about our Itero Virtual Scan Technology with Invisalign® specialist, Dr. Steven Ritholtz!


So this is an iTero machine. We use the iTero machine to help patients through their Invisalign. We use the latest and most innovative technology to kind of optimize the patient's treatment. So one thing this does is it replaces the traditional mold, the clay that used to get the sticky gooey stuff that makes patients gag. So we now... All it is a digital scan, little intra-oral pictures of your teeth that we could see right over here. And one amazing feature that this iTero machine could do and could help patients through with Invisalign is we can actually compare a scan, compare your teeth in a scan that we took months ago to a scan that you took yesterday.

And we see this with my teeth actually right here. I was a patient of Invisalign, and if I put this microscope, we're right over here on this tooth. You can see over time how this tooth moved from in to out, in to out. And that's just one of the ways, one of the technological advances that we use to try to perfect every single Invisalign case.