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PDA Dental - Munchie EPS - 1/3

Demo on the new type of Munchie, the Munchie EPS


Hello Liam, I'm going to show you now the new Munchie EPS and this is a new type of Munchie. And pretty much what Munchies do, the way that we use a PDA dental, is we put them in your mouth and with the aligners on and you are going to chew down on them. And this basically makes the predictability of the case better, it'll also shorten the treatment time of the case. And pretty much there are a few things you need to know about this. So the first thing you're going to do... And this one leg here is the new feature of the Munchie, it's called the EPS. And this is going to engage the premolar areas over here. And in your case Liam, your premolars are expanding. So this is going to engage the premolars and make sure that they expand properly, expand that way without tipping.

So that is going to be this leg. And what we're going to do is we're going to bite down nice and hard on here, about seven out of 10 pressure for about three minutes. Fast forward and we're going to take that out after 3 minutes and put it on the left side here and bite all the way down. Just like that for about three minutes. After that, we are going to engage the anterior, the front teeth, and you could use either one of these notches. They go into front teeth and you are just going to put it somewhere on the front right, let's say here, and bite all the way down for about three minutes. And then take that out after three minutes, put it somewhere on the front left and bite all the way down about three minutes. And then you are done. Most patients like to do this when they are watching television at night, that is probably the best time to do it. So that is how you use the Munchie and this is all yours. About 12 minutes a night, three times four. That's how we use the Munchie at PDA Dental.