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PDA Dental - Munchie EPS - 2/3

Demo on the new type of Munchie, the Munchie EPS


So another function of the Munchie is sometimes, if you look at Liam's top tray, it's ill-fitting, meaning over time it's lost a little bit of tracking and when you have poorly fitting aligners... So what that can do is kind of throw off the case because the trays are not going to be properly enveloping the teeth to affect the optimum movement. So what we need to do is bite down on this little Munchie and sometimes this can kind of over time catch up the case and get those aligners fitting perfectly. So what we're going to do is take the single notch and we are going to put it somewhere over here where the trays are fitting poorly and Liam's going to bite down for me for about a minute. And we are going to see when we take this thing out, how the trays look. And let's take a look. Much better. That is another function of a Munchie as we use it at PDA dental.