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PDA Dental - Munchie EPS - 3/3

Demo on the new type of Munchie, the Munchie EPS


All right, so this is Liam's ClinCheck, and that basically is a simulation of his teeth from start to finish with Invisalign. And one important function for the Munchie, the Munchies going to help us with, is called intrusion. And intrusion pretty much means that we are intruding these teeth. We are pushing up these teeth back into the bone, because they are too far down to start. So when you look at that, those front two teeth are coming up, and that provides a lot of balance in the smile, and an improvement in the bite. And that's called intrusion.

He has the same thing on the bottom. Those bottom teeth are intruding back into the bone. And the Munchie really helps out with that movement to supplement whatever force the trays can't give on their own. So we're going to show you how biting down on that Munchie can help with intrusion. And Liam is going to just bite down on the front teeth with that Munchie. And the forces, they're viscoelastic properties of the Munchie, will help displace these teeth and intrude them into the bone.

And that's what we want to do for biting down. About three minutes there. And we switch to the left, three minutes there, and that's going to help us out with that movement. Thank you very much, Liam.