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Premier Dental Associates Periodontal Care

Premier Dental Associates of Manhattan consists of high qualified dentists and delivers exceptional dental services for the residents of Manhattan, Wall Street and Downtown NYC.


My name is Dr. Neer Even-Hen, otherwise known as Dr. Neer. I oversee the periodontal and hygiene program here at the office to make sure that everyone's oral health, and specifically their periodontal condition, is under control. In this office, we provide a variety of treatments concerning the periodontal tissues. Patients that have receding gums, whether on the top the gums are high or on the bottom the gums are low, we're able to provide treatment for that. We're able to treat gum disease. If patients bleed when they brush, if they're in pain, we're able to provide that treatment, as well as if they have bad breath. Also, if they have a gummy smile. In this office, we have the latest technology. In the periodontal practice, we use the laser, which is the most advanced laser in the dental field. We use this so that we're able to provide the patients with the least invasive procedures possible and allow the patient to be comfortable during the procedure so that the patient is provided the very best of care. When patients come to me, I would like them to be comfortable and feel confident that they're being taken care of by a doctor who cares for them and is going to have the most ethical standards providing that care.