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At PDA Dental, we are proud to provide comprehensive dental services for your family and take the most conservative approach possible to your care. When decay has exceeded the point of a restoration with a filling or dental crown and has infected the nerve center (pulp) of the tooth, endodontic treatment is often required. Our board-certified endodontist is highly trained and specializes in root canal therapy to treat infected teeth and save them from requiring an extraction. A root canal relieves tooth pain and restores health by removing infected pulpal tissue, cleansing the canals of the roots, and sealing the tooth to preserve the outer structure. Treating infected teeth with root canal therapy can also prevent the infection from entering your bloodstream and impacting your system health and wellness.

Thanks to modern technology, receiving a root canal procedure is more comfortable than ever. Our endodontist takes special care to numb your tooth and jaw thoroughly for a pleasant and stress-free visit. Get the gentle, personalized root canal care you need to save your smile and return function to your infected tooth. If you or a family member are in need of root canal therapy, we invite you to talk to our friendly team today to schedule your visit to our spa-like practice conveniently located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY.

Best Candidates

A root canal may be needed in patients who have extensive decay (that affects the pulp), a cracked or deeply fractured tooth, physical trauma to the mouth or jaw, or an abscessed (infected) tooth. By seeking care as early as possible, patients can minimize the extent of damage and reduce the need for an extraction and tooth replacement. Leaving an infected tooth untreated increases the risk of bone damage surrounding the tooth, as well as systemic illness. Contact PDA Dental right away if you or your loved one has any indication of an infected tooth. Our gentle touch and calm chairside manner can allow you to undergo a positive, relaxed visit when needing root canal therapy.

Though some patients exhibit no indication of an oral problem, the following signs and symptoms are commonly associated with the need for root canal therapy:

  • Swelling in the face or jaw
  • Tooth pain or ache
  • Dull, throbbing, or intermittent pain
  • Pain when biting down
  • Pimple-like bump on the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Darkening (graying) or tooth discoloration

What To Expect

Throughout your entire root canal procedure, our PDA Dental team will remain committed to keeping you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. After our endodontist thoroughly numbs the area, he will create a small opening in the top of the tooth to access the infected tissue. Using advanced techniques and technologies that allow him to visualize internal portions of your tooth, he will clear out the diseased pulp and sterilize the canals within the tooth. The tooth and roots will then be filled with a material to strengthen the structure from within and then sealed with a sedative material. Once the tooth fully heals, we will place a custom restoration to protect the tooth and restore its function.


In the few days following your root canal therapy, you may experience slight swelling in the jaw, but any tooth pain you were feeling prior to the procedure should be relieved. Nonprescription anti-inflammatory medication and cold compresses to the jaw can increase your comfort as you heal. A prescription for antibiotics may also be given to treat your infected tooth and keep it from impacting your general health and wellness. After our endodontist has determined that your tooth is fully healed, our general and cosmetic dentists can talk with you about your restorative options for protecting the tooth as the tooth will be at a higher risk for breaking from this point forward. Crowns are typically recommended as they offer full coverage and protection for your tooth, and are often completed in a single visit with our advanced CAD/CAM system. When you visit PDA Dental for your routine cleanings and exams, our skilled team will continue to monitor your root canal-treated tooth.

Insurance Coverage

PDA Dental works with most PPO insurance plans and will get in touch with your provider to learn if coverage is offered for root canal therapy. Before beginning your treatment, we will provide an insurance estimate and let you know about any anticipated personal costs. Our full-service practice strives to make your family's care convenient and affordable and offers a range of payment options, including low-interest patient financing solutions.

Root Canal Therapy

Modern technology has greatly enhanced the root canal experience, making it more comfortable, precise, and efficient than ever. Root canal therapy is a routine procedure our highly trained endodontist uses to save infected teeth and lessen the need for more complex future care. If you have tooth pain or believe a tooth may be infected, schedule a visit at PDA Dental in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY today for the personalized care you need.

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