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A common occurrence among many New York City patients, bruxism can contribute to a wide array of problems involving the oral cavity. Bruxism, or the habit of grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw, frequently occurs during sleep and often causes significant problems, like worn or cracked teeth, damaged tooth restorations, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), and receding gum tissues. You may be experiencing the signs and symptoms of bruxism if you wake up in the morning with a headache, have pain in the face or jaw, experience earaches or toothaches, or notice pain radiating in your neck, shoulders, or upper back. To treat patients with bruxism and protect against further oral damage, the expert team at PDA Dental is pleased to offer custom night guard appliances. Night guards are commonly worn while sleeping and sit between the upper and lower teeth to protect chewing surfaces and prevent the teeth from grinding together. If teeth grinding is keeping you from a good night's sleep, talk to our team and schedule a bruxism consultation at our Financial District, Lower Manhattan, NY practice today.

Best Candidates

An array of medical, lifestyle, or environmental factors can contribute to a teeth grinding habit, including misaligned teeth, stress or anxiety, sleep apnea, and even certain medications. During your dental examination, our team of thoughtful, skilled dentists will examine your mouth for signs of bruxism. Flattened biting edges, worn or chipped teeth, loose or damaged fillings, and cracked or broken teeth are all indications that you may be grinding your teeth. Other symptoms, like toothaches or jaw pain, gum recession and tooth sensitivity, frequent headaches, and facial swelling, often signal a bruxism condition as well. Whether teeth grinding is causing mild or severe symptoms, our team will help you identify conditions that may be causing the habit and determine if you would benefit from night guard therapy.

What to Expect

To make custom night guards for our patients, we partner with a professional dental lab that fabricates these appliances from the highest quality materials. An impression of your upper and lower teeth will be taken and sent to our lab for appliance customization. About 1 – 2 weeks later, we bring you back to our Lower Manhattan, NY office for a quick visit to try your custom night guard. Our team will ensure a comfortable fit and make any necessary adjustments to your appliance. Instructions on how to care for your night guard at home will be provided at that time.


Wearing your night guard as recommended by our dentists can help relieve any associated symptoms and protect your teeth and jaw from further damage. When cared for and cleaned properly after each use, your night guard can last for many years. We suggest that you bring your appliance with you to each of your dental cleaning and check-up visits so that our team can evaluate the fit and ensure it is still serving your needs in the best way. Even if your teeth grinding symptoms subside, it is still important to continue wearing your appliance each night to help minimize tension in your jaw joints and preserve your oral health.

Insurance Coverage

Before taking impressions of your teeth for a night guard, our billing team will contact your insurance provider to learn if any coverage is provided for this appliance. To help our patients cover any personal expenses for care, PDA Dental is pleased to accept several easy payment methods, including low-interest financing through the convenience of CareCredit®.

Custom Night Guards

Protect your smile and preserve your health and comfort with a custom night guard from PDA Dental. Worn comfortably while sleeping, a night guard keeps the upper and lower teeth in good relation while preventing contact to minimize the risk of oral complications. Contact our Financial District, Lower Manhattan, NY full-service practice today and take the first step toward relief from bruxism.

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