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Losing one or more teeth carries more than simply aesthetic concerns for your smile. A missing tooth can make it more difficult to speak and eat properly and may cause changes in how your teeth fit together. Since teeth rely on one another to maintain their positions in the jaw, leaving teeth unreplaced may allow surrounding teeth to drift into these open spaces, disrupting the harmony and function of your oral health. To help patients overcome tooth loss, the team of dentists at PDA Dental is pleased to offer dental bridges for tooth replacement. A dental bridge fills gaps caused by tooth loss by connecting to adjacent teeth or dental implants while appearing to rise from the gums just like natural teeth. Our dentists customize bridges made of the finest materials to bring health, function, and confidence back to your smile. Learn if a dental bridge is ideal for your tooth replacement needs by scheduling a visit at our full-service practice in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY.

Best Candidates

For many patients, tooth loss impacts the ability to bite and chew normally and communicate with others in confidence. Losing teeth can also affect the ability to eat a nutritious diet, cause facial features to sag, and greatly impact overall well-being. A dental bridge can replace one or more missing or severely damaged teeth to enhance your oral health while maintaining your appearance. Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible can also help minimize the risk of shifting teeth and changes to the balance of your bite.

Bridge restorations are crafted by fusing two or more dental crowns into one single appliance. Each end of the bridge (abutments) fits securely over healthy neighboring teeth or a set of dental implants while the center portion (pontic) functions as a false tooth and fills the space left by tooth loss. Our team will ensure these teeth are healthy enough to support a dental bridge or discuss the options for implant placement. We make custom bridges from a variety of materials, including ceramic and porcelain fused to metal that blend naturally with your enamel, or all-metal (such as gold). PDA Dental is pleased to offer traditional, cantilever, Maryland-bonded, and implant-supported dental bridges.

What To Expect

Bridges are generally placed over the course of two dental visits. To begin, we will numb the treatment area and prepare the supporting teeth by removing a portion of the enamel. An impression of the prepared teeth will be taken and used by our professional dental lab to custom-craft your dental bridge. Our team will place a temporary bridge to maintain the treatment area until your final restoration is made. About 1 – 2 weeks later, we will have you return for final bridge placement. We will remove your temporary and bond your new bridge to the abutment teeth or attach it securely to dental implants previously placed in your jaw. Minor adjustments may be made to your bridge to make certain your bite feels comfortable and even.


It is common to experience minor sensitivity in your teeth after initial bridge preparation. Please contact us promptly if your bite feels uneven or your bridge feels loose so that we can get you in for a quick adjustment. Taking care of your bridge at home will vary somewhat from how you clean your natural teeth. Our friendly staff will demonstrate the best flossing and brushing techniques for keeping your bridge and its supporting teeth in top shape. Tooth decay can still develop under your bridge, which makes keeping up with good oral hygiene each day and attending regular dental cleaning visits essential to your tooth replacement. Dental bridges can last for several years when cared for in the best possible way. We will continually monitor your bridge and overall oral health during each of your preventive care visits at PDA Dental.

Insurance Coverage

As common restorative dentistry procedures, dental bridges may be covered in part by a number of dental insurance plans. Prior to your visit, our treatment coordinator will review your benefits and prepare an estimate for any uncovered portion. If you do not carry insurance or have out-of-pocket expenses, talk with our team at PDA Dental to learn about CareCredit® financing solutions and other affordable payment options.

Dental Bridge Restorations

Tooth loss is a common dental concern that can impact your smile, oral health, and day-to-day life. Protect your oral function and appearance by replacing missing teeth as soon as possible. PDA Dental proudly offers custom dental bridge solutions made from the highest quality materials to patients in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY and nearby areas. Contact our established practice today to book an appointment and explore your tooth replacement options.

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