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At PDA Dental, our team of dental professionals is pleased to offer dental sealants to help prevent the occurrence of cavities in our patients. Sealants are a thin, tooth-colored protective coating used to protect the deep grooves and fissures that naturally occur on the chewing surfaces of molar and premolar teeth. The natural anatomy of these back teeth makes them more difficult to clean and places them at a higher risk for collecting food debris, bacteria, and plaque, which can lead to the formation of tooth decay. Though sealants are often recommended for children, teens and adults at a higher risk for cavities may also benefit from sealants. By protecting these teeth, we can often reduce the chance of decay and ultimately the need for dental fillings or other restorative needs in the future. Find out if dental sealants are ideal for your family's oral health by contacting PDA Dental in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY today.

Best Candidates for Dental Sealants

When children develop cavities, it is often on the tops of the back teeth. Sealants can serve as an excellent barrier to the formation of tooth decay among children, as well as teens and adults who may be at a higher risk for this common dental concern. The process of having sealants placed is quick, comfortable, and does not require any anesthesia, making it an easy procedure for most patients. Though we often place sealants on the permanent molars, once they erupt, they may also be recommended for primary (baby) teeth as well. Dental sealants are only placed on healthy teeth that are not showing signs of cavities and are free from dental restorations.

What to Expect

During your family's routine dental cleaning and exam visits, our pediatric dentist or team of professionals will evaluate the back teeth to determine if sealants are a recommended service. In some cases, we may go ahead and apply the sealants during that appointment or schedule a sealant visit at a more convenient time. Before placing sealants, we thoroughly clean the chewing surfaces and grooves and apply a cleansing solution. The teeth are then thoroughly rinsed and dried and the material painted on. Our team then places a curing light over each tooth for several seconds, which hardens the sealant and allows it to adhere to the tooth. The bite is then checked for comfort and adjust as needed to create an even interface.


Receiving dental sealants is an easy process and carries no recovery period. However, you or your child will need to follow a few recommendations for the first few days after sealant application. We will provide detailed instructions on what to expect, but you should generally avoid eating anything hard or sticky for the first 48 hours or so. While sealants are an excellent preventive measure in the fight against tooth decay, keeping up with a good oral hygiene routine each day is paramount. Sealants can stay in place for several years when cared for in the best possible way. During your family's cleaning and check-up visits, our team will evaluate their sealants and let them know if they need to be repaired or replaced at any time.

Insurance Coverage

As a preventive dental procedure, sealants are often covered for children by dental insurance. Coverage for teen and adult patients may vary so our office team will be sure to review your specific plan and let you know of any anticipated costs. PDA Dental wants every patient to get the care needed for a lifetime of happy smiles and strives to make your family's care as convenient as possible. If you have personal expenses, we will be happy to review your payment choices and provide information on low-interest financing plans.

Dental Sealants

At PDA Dental, we are proud to offer personalized preventive care to every member of your family. Sealants are an easy and effective method we use to help protect the back teeth against cavities and minimize the need for restorative care in the future. If you are in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY or surrounding communities, we invite you to contact our qualified team for an appointment to learn if sealants can help protect the smiles of those you love most.

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