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Fluoride is an excellent way to help minimize the risk of tooth decay and strengthen the teeth. A mineral naturally occurring in some foods and water, and added to toothpaste, fluoride is recognized as a cavity prevention agent by the American Dental Association (ADA), World Health Organization (WHO), and American Medical Association (AMA). Municipalities that add fluoride to their supply of drinking water also tend to notice fewer incidences of decay among citizens. At PDA Dental in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY, our expert team of dentists provides fluoride treatments for children of all ages, teenagers, and adults who are prone to tooth decay. We welcome you to contact our friendly team today to learn more about the benefits of professional fluoride treatments.

Best Candidates

Fluoride can be beneficial for children, teens, and adult patients and is often provided at the end of a dental cleaning visit. Our dentists typically recommend fluoride to protect teeth during the developmental stages of childhood and throughout adolescence and as needed for adults who may be at a higher risk for cavities, such as those with exposed root surfaces. Patients who do not drink fluoridated water are also ideal candidates for this preventive service. Fluoride can be used to soothe sensitive teeth and provide relief from this common oral symptom, which is often a result of gum recession. For many patients, professional fluoride treatments or supplements can serve to remineralize early areas of decay (incipient) and may ward off the need for restorative care.

What to Expect

At PDA Dental, fluoride treatments are generally given during routine dental cleaning and check-up appointments. To best meet your family's needs, we use a range of fluoride application techniques and flavors and will select the method best for your family member's age and decay prevention needs. Our fluoride varnish is an easy paint-on application while our gels and foams are applied through foam mouth trays. In some cases, we may offer a fluoride rinse that is swished in the mouth, like mouthwash. Since each fluoride method carries its own set of unique instructions, our team will review directions for use before administering the fluoride treatment.


Patients who receive fluoride varnish are generally able to eat and drink right away but are advised to avoid consuming sticky or crunching foods until later in the day. Those who receive their fluoride via a foam, gel, or rinse should wait for 30 minutes before eating, drinking, or rinsing the mouth. In some cases, our PDA Dental team may prescribe fluoride supplements or a prescription fluoridated toothpaste to help strengthen teeth and protect against tooth decay between visits. While fluoride is essential in keeping cavities at bay, it is still vital to your oral hygiene to maintain good brushing and flossing habits each day. The need for professional fluoride treatments will be continually assessed during each of your family's dental cleaning and exam appointments.

Insurance Coverage

As a preventive dentistry service, fluoride treatments are commonly covered for children under many PPO dental insurance plans. To learn about coverage for the teen and adult members of your family, our front desk staff will contact your insurance provider to learn the details of your plan. Providing comprehensive family dentistry is highly important to us here at PDA Dental. If you incur out-of-pocket costs to get the care your loved ones need, talk to our team about our simple payment options and flexible financing services.

Fluoride Treatments

Give your family the protection their smiles need with professional fluoride treatments. Applied during routine dental cleaning visits, fluoride helps to minimize the risk of decay and future treatment, strengthen tooth structure, and soothe sensitive teeth. To learn more about the advantages fluoride can bring to your oral health, contact PDA Dental in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY and schedule your visit today.

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