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After a natural tooth is lost or removed from the jaw, the surrounding bone tissue and remaining socket area start to break down. Bone deterioration often leaves behind an indentation in the gums and arch along with decreased bone density in the underlying jaw structure. When this ridge (the portion of the jaw that houses tooth roots) experiences bone loss, our experienced oral surgeon at PDA Dental may perform a ridge augmentation procedure to replenish the foundation and restore the bone to its former width and height. Ridge augmentation and preservation procedures may be recommended to rebuild the foundation required to replace missing teeth with dental implants. But this bone grafting procedure can also reestablish the cosmetic appearance of misshapen gums, indentations in the jaw, and sunken facial structures. As a comprehensive practice, PDA Dental offers ridge augmentation to restore oral health and beauty to patients in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY and nearby communities.

Best Candidates

Our team may suggest a ridge augmentation or preservation procedure if you have suffered bone loss in the bony arch (alveolar ridge), or area of the jaw that provides support for your teeth. Loss of bone tissue may occur in the lower or upper jaws and is caused by conditions, like advanced gum disease (periodontitis), physical trauma, or the loss of one or more teeth. Teeth that are extracted leave behind a socket (space) in the jaw, which tends to collapse inward, creating an indentation or depression in the bone. This natural process not only decreases the amount of bone available to support tooth replacement with a dental implant, but it also alters the shape of your jaw, gums, and face. Ridge augmentation offers the opportunity to create the support needed to replace an extracted or missing tooth with a dental implant while rebuilding your facial features to enhance cosmetic appeal.

What to Expect

Ridge augmentation may be performed using an array of bone grafting options. In many cases, a ridge preservation procedure may be performed immediately following a tooth extraction to fill in the socket and preserve the area for implant surgery at a later date. Ridge augmentation procedures rebuild areas of the arch where bone loss has occurred. PDA Dental is a patient-focused team and will always place your comfort and care first. When the area has been numbed and you are ready, our board-certified oral surgeon will position the bone graft into the socket or access the treatment site through a small incision made in the gums. To aid in the healing and tissue regeneration processes, biologic growth factors may also be incorporated into the bone grafting sites. Sutures will then be used to close off the area, completing your ridge augmentation procedure. Special instructions on caring for your gums while you recovery will be reviewed with you by a member of our clinical team.


During the healing phase, you may experience discomfort, minor swelling, and tenderness in the treatment site. To help facilitate your healing and comfort, we may prescribe pain medication and will give you specific post-op instructions and diet restrictions to follow as your mouth recovers. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you have any concerns, questions, or signs of oral infection. We will schedule a follow-up visit for you at PDA Dental for suture removal and to assess your healing response. Ridge augmentation generally requires about 6 – 9 months to completely integrate and fuse with the jaw.

Insurance Coverage

Your ridge augmentation treatment plan and bone grafting options will be customized by our team to match your needs. Before the day of your treatment, our business team will review your dental insurance coverage and give you an estimate of what we anticipate insurance to cover and any out-of-pocket portion. At PDA Dental, we want all New York, NY patients to receive the high-quality care needed without financial worry. We are pleased to accept a variety of payment choices and can provide information on how to possibly obtain low-interest medical financing.

Ridge Augmentation

As a bone grafting procedure, ridge augmentation is often recommended to replenish decreased bone volume resulting from advanced gum disease, physical trauma, or the loss of natural teeth. Our skilled oral surgeon performs ridge augmentation and preservation to rebuild jawbone density and increase your ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants. To learn more about your options for bone grafting and dental implants after tooth loss, we encourage you to contact PDA Dental in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY and reserve your consultation for ridge augmentation.

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