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At PDA Dental, we are pleased to offer comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of New York City patients and their families. Patients who have lost teeth in the upper jaw, yet lack the adequate bone in this area to support a dental implant, are often ideal candidates for a sinus lift procedure. The floor of the maxillary sinus cavity sits in close proximity to the premolar and molar teeth on either side of the upper jaw. When these upper back teeth are lost, the sinuses may expand into this area, leaving too little bone to safely place a dental implant. Sinus lift surgery gently raises and augments the sinus cavity, adding bone tissue in the newly created space to increase bone height density for future implant support. Our board-certified oral surgeon and team are experts in performing sinus lift procedures and have helped many patients become great candidates for dental implants through this bone grafting procedure. For more on our specialized sinus lift services in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY, schedule a visit at PDA Dental today.

Best Candidates

A sinus lift may be a good treatment choice if you need to replace upper back teeth and have poor bone density, insufficient bone height, or a sinus cavity that sits too low in the jaw. The poor bone quality in this area may be affected by bone loss due to gum disease or missing teeth, expansion of the sinus cavity into the upper jaw, or natural anatomy that renders the bone level inadequate for implant placement. When you visit PDA Dental for your consultation, our oral surgeon will use advanced diagnostic techniques to evaluate your maxillary sinus cavity and upper jaw and help you determine if a sinus lift with bone grafting is ideal for your tooth replacement and implant needs.

What To Expect

Each member of our PDA Dental team considers patient comfort and quality of care the highest priorities. To prepare your jaw for a sinus lift, our expert surgeon will numb the bone, gums, and nerve tissues to ensure a comfortable procedure. Your sinus cavity will then be accessed through a small opening made in your upper jaw where your premolar or molar tooth was once positioned. We will then gain access to your bone and sinus cavity and gently elevate the floor of the sinus. Bone grafting and biologic growth factors will then be placed. In some cases, we may increase bone height by adding bone grafting to the floor of the sinus cavity, thickening bone height to a level sufficient for implant support. At the end of your procedure, the incision will be sutured and then given time to heal.


To help facilitate your comfort during healing, our team may prescribe pain medication. A member of our clinical team will also provide you with instructions on how to care for your incisions and treatment area during the healing phase. Before you leave, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled so that our surgeon can remove your sutures and ensure your incision is healing properly. In most cases, bone grafting performed within a sinus lift may need several months of healing time before we can move forward with your dental implant surgery.

Insurance Coverage

Following your initial consultation, our business team will contact your insurance provider to determine if any portion of your sinus lift procedure will be covered. As a full-service practice, PDA Dental accepts a wide variety of payment options to help you cover any personal expenses. We are pleased to partner with CareCredit® to bring low-cost financial solutions to New York City patients and will gladly help you choose a payment option that matches your needs.

Sinus Lift Surgery

If you have lost an upper back tooth and are considering a dental implant, a sinus lift may be an important part of the tooth replacement process. Dental implants, like natural teeth, need adequate bone support to offer stable, long-term results. PDA Dental is proud to be the trusted source of comprehensive care in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY and offers personalized solutions for sinus lift and implant surgery. To learn more about your tooth replacement and bone grafting options, contact our caring team today.

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