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Information About Periodontics Services

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Caused by plaque bacteria, periodontal disease damages gum and bone tissue surrounding the teeth, leading to recession, bleeding gums, and tooth loss.

Our experienced team is pleased to offer nonsurgical and surgical treatments to effectively treat the progressive stages of periodontal disease.

Scaling and root planing is a nonsurgical therapy that removes plaque and tartar from infected periodontal pockets to promote periodontal health.

Performed in-house by our skilled periodontist, gum grafting brings a healthy, attractive appearance back to soft tissues affected by gum recession.

Gum contouring sculpts and reshapes an uneven, recessed, or overgrown gumline and transforms a "gummy" smile into a balanced and more attractive grin.

We offer crown lengthening services that remove excess gum and bone tissues to bring aesthetic and functional improvements to your health and smile.

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