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Crown Lengthening in Financial District/Lower Manhattan, NY

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Crown lengthening is a procedure performed by our board-certified periodontist to enhance the cosmetic appeal of the smile and improve oral health. When too much gum tissue covers the surfaces of the teeth, it often results in a "gummy" smile. But overgrown or excess gum tissue can also impede the restoration of a damaged tooth, leaving insufficient space above the gumline to place a filling, crown, or bridge. A crown lengthening procedure exposes a greater surface area of enamel to lengthen the visible portion of the tooth by gently removing a small amount of the gum (and often bone) tissue from the affected area. As a leader in comprehensive dentistry, PDA Dental is proud to serve the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY with aesthetic and functional crown lengthening procedures.

Best Candidates

Aesthetic or functional enhancement with crown lengthening can bring health and appearance to the smiles of many patients:

  • Aesthetic crown lengthening is performed to cosmetically enhance a gummy smile appearance, which occurs when the gums cover a large area of the enamel, causing the front teeth to look short. Our skilled periodontist and team may reduce the gums and a small amount of the underlying bone to reshape the gumline and expose more tooth structure, revealing a wider, more attractive smile.
  • Functional crown lengthening may be necessary when a tooth is damaged or decayed around the gumline, but not enough tooth structure is visible above the gums to place a restoration. In these cases, gum and bone tissues are removed from around the tooth, exposing more tooth structure and allowing for proper tooth restoration.

Candidates for crown lengthening should be healthy, have stable oral health, and must be free from oral concerns, such as active periodontal disease.

What To Expect

Patient comfort and satisfaction are extremely important to our PDA Dental team. As such, we utilize the newest innovations and care and often perform periodontal procedures with minimally invasive laser technology. Before we begin your crown lengthening procedure, we will numb the treatment area thoroughly and can offer sedation options to help you enjoy a relaxed, stress-free visit. Our periodontist will then gently and precisely remove gum tissue from around the affected areas, essentially "lifting" the gumline and creating longer-looking teeth. In many instances, bone tissue will also be reduced to further enhance your appearance and oral health. After your gumline is reshaped and resculpted for an even, attractive appearance, we will rinse your gums and review tips on caring for your mouth as you heal.


Following your crown lengthening procedure, your gum tissues and bone may be tender or sore. Over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses can be used to lessen your discomfort. It may be helpful to stick to a liquid or soft food diet for a few days as your gums recover. Special instructions for how to care for your teeth and gums as you heal will be reviewed by our clinical team. In some cases, you might need to schedule a follow-up appointment so that we can monitor your healing. Our surgeons will also let you know when a tooth can receive a restoration following a functional crown lengthening procedure.

Insurance Coverage

Crown lengthening may be a covered benefit under your dental insurance plan, especially if it is being performed for functional reasons. Either way, our trained billing team will review your benefit schedule and let you know of any anticipated personal costs for your care. To help you get the treatment you need, with or without insurance, PDA Dental offers a range of convenient payment solutions and is proud to partner with CareCredit® to bring flexible financing plans to our patients.

Crown Lengthening

A gummy smile should not keep you from enjoying a confident, healthy appearance. PDA Dental is delighted to offer specialized crown lengthening procedures that remove overgrown gum tissue and create the attractive, even smile you desire. Our esteemed periodontist is an expert in aesthetic and functional crown lengthening procedures and is the professional many patients in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY trust for excellence in care. Talk to our friendly team today to set up your treatment consultation.

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