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As a progressive oral condition, gum (periodontal) disease is the result of destructive bacteria that infect the gums and damage the jawbone. When left untreated, this common oral disease often causes tooth loss and places your health at risk for a number of other complications. Gingivitis (the earliest stage of gum disease) is commonly controlled with a thorough dental cleaning and improved oral hygiene at home. But when gingivitis progresses to the periodontitis phase of gum disease, nonsurgical scaling and root planing (SRP) may be recommended. At PDA Dental, our skilled periodontal team uses advanced instruments and techniques to perform SRP, which removes tartar and plaque that has accumulated within periodontal pockets. SRP also smooths rough root surfaces, which can harbor harmful bacteria, and creates a healthier environment that promotes gum health. This gum disease treatment can improve your periodontal condition by targeting diseased areas and decreasing periodontal pocket depths. If you are in the Financial District, Lower Manhattan, NY area and are showing signs of gum disease, contact our team today and schedule an evaluation with our board-certified periodontist.

Best Candidates

The gum disease process affects your oral health by infecting the gums, causing these tissues to bleed and become inflamed, and breaks down the bone supporting your teeth. When you visit PDA Dental for your dental exams, we will take digital x-rays to evaluate your bone level and measure the spaces separating your gums and teeth (periodontal pockets). The presence of bone loss on the x-rays and periodontal pocket readings greater than 3mm generally indicates the presence of gum disease. In these cases, our periodontist may recommend scaling and root planing therapy. Gum disease can only be diagnosed by a professional, but other signs and symptoms may indicate a periodontal issue, including red, tender, or puffy gums, bleeding when flossing or brushing, bad breath, and gum recession. PDA Dental routinely screens for gum disease as detecting the condition in the early stages can prevent it from further damaging your oral structures and resulting in tooth loss. Advanced cases of gum disease may be best treated with a surgical method of care.

What To Expect

Scaling and root planing is performed in our state-of-the-art New York, NY practice by our periodontist and well-trained dental hygienists. Though this is a nonsurgical procedure, we will still numb the gum tissues to ensure a comfortable experience. Once you are ready, we will utilize special scaling instruments and ultrasonic technology to gently and thoroughly remove plaque, bacteria, and tartar accumulation from within your periodontal pockets. After smoothing your root surfaces and irrigating the treatment areas, our team will review instructions on how to best care for your teeth and gums at home. In some cases, localized antibiotic medicaments may be administered within the pocket areas after scaling and root planing is complete to keep bacterial levels low while the gums heal. SRP is typically completed by quadrant over the course of one or more appointments based on your needs.


Scaling and root planing therapy works to reduce the spaces between the teeth and gums where harmful bacteria hide and damage your oral health. After your SRP procedure, we recommend that you wait until any local anesthetic has worn off before eating. You may have slight tooth sensitivity or gum tenderness for a couple of days following your visit. It is essential that you establish a meticulous oral hygiene routine at home, thoroughly brushing and flossing to keep plaque and bacteria buildup to a minimum. Our PDA Dental periodontal and hygiene team will personalize your home care instructions and show you tips on how to be most successful when caring for your mouth each day. Once your gum disease has been treated, our periodontist may recommend periodontal maintenance visits on a 3 to 4-month basis to help keep oral bacteria from causing further harm to your smile.

Insurance Coverage

Scaling and root planing is a periodontal service for which many PPO plans cover in part. A member of our billing team will contact your insurance company and learn about your individual plan before preparing an estimate of coverage and any personal costs. We will also work to help you maximize your insurance benefits to help make your cost for care as low as possible. To help our patients fit any uncovered expenses into their budget, PDA Dental is pleased to accept a variety of payment methods, including flexible financing through CareCredit®.

Scaling and Root Planing

Periodontitis places your smile, oral health, and systemic wellness at risk for damage and will not heal without the proper care. PDA Dental is proud to be a trusted source for effective periodontal care, including scaling and root planing procedures. By treating your gum disease early on, you can protect your future smile and preserve your gum and bone health. For more information about SRP from our talented periodontist and team, contact PDA Dental in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY today.

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